How To Make Lighting Arrangements Work For You

Old time barber shops and salons had no ability to add LED, USB, and “complimentary” lighting to their shops. These days, hair professionals have their choice of lighting arrangements, as well as methods to present the light in nearly any way they see fit. Here are some popular lighting techniques currently in use today :

  • SunlightSunlight is one of the very best options when it comes to lighting choices. The problem many shop owners run into is having enough window space to make it happen. But even if your shop is equipped to deliver natural sunlight, you definitely want a backup option like halogen bulbs on cloudy days.
  • DiffusionDiffusion uses translucent objects to evenly disperse light across a room. For example, let’s say you had a light bulb and placed it behind a tinted glass object to reduce brightness and soften the delivery. The result is a much more courteous and elegant form of light.
  • DimmingDimming  allows you to be in full control of the brightness level, so that you can make use of the “calming” properties of your lights. Dimmer switches are very effective for this purpose, as is using smaller wattage / smaller dimension bulbs.
  • Supplemental Lighting A few small lights placed in much needed areas, such as on wash bowls and around mirrors helps a lot. The salon owner will need to be able to see the roots of your hair throughout the treatment process, so customers should be instructed to check out the final result of their hair treatments in a separate mirror. One that’s dedicated to help review the “Final Look” for the best results. NOT the mirrors used during the treatment process.
  • New Light Bulb TechnologiesA lot of how light manifests itself in its final “look” is found in its color spectrum. Most shops opt to use halogen bulbs because of the natural soft glow they emit, but they also tend to burn out quickly. As a shop owner, you should take into consideration that bulb “burn out” is a necessary cost to absorb, considering the positive impact that natural halogen softness provides.

Fluorescent lighting is a big no-no because of the extreme brightness. No matter how good of a job you did to treat, style, or cut a customers hair, fluorescent lighting almost always makes hair look “washed out” and unhealthy.

How To Create The Perfect Salon Station

Salon owners, especially in our “tech-advanced” day and age, should be looking to populate their salon stations with new and exciting includes to help bring in new customers. Below we’re going to be listing some great ideas you can use to make your new salon station a “cut above the rest”.

Double Sided Salon Station Two sides allow you to make not only the most of your available budget, but also available space. Double sided salon stations are cheaper than buying 2 separate stations to accomplish the same thing. Double sided salons also help you save space in order to serve more customers.

A Few Great Tips To Get Your Salon Off And Running

Be ready to learn from the natural feedback process of your clientele, and work hard to make them happy. Correct offensive mistakes, and learn from each new experience. For example, if you’re performing a hair treatment on a new customer, and they remark that they would like to go home with a sample of the shampoo you used at the washbowl, then consider offering home shampoo samples. Depending on the number of requests you get for the sample, it might make sense to include one.

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