Collins Manufacturing Company is a trusted manufacturer of salon barber chairs that was originally founded 1983. It is a family owned business, and, all primary furniture is manufactured and serviced in the USA.

Collins Mfg Co. – The Brand

Collins Manufacturing Company is an original manufacturer and designer for some of the most popular, well-built, and, guaranteed products on the market. Collins, was also the first company to provide ADA Friendly Shampoo Shuttles for shampooing hair, Hair Cut simulators, Access Chairs, and, the popular as well as original 7 1/2 Year Warranty only all USA Made Barber Chair Bases!

Customers trust the Collins brand for barber chairs because they make some of the most beautiful, elegant, and multi-functional barber chairs available. The Collins Commander Barber Chair (COL-9050) is a wonderful example of this, and, includes a 10 year or 100,000 haircuts guarantee. This barber chair is also made from beautiful, premium leather, and, solid wooden arms and leg rests designed to last for decades or more. Collins, is also well known for manufacturing the most ‘smooth’ operating barber chair hydraulic pumps, tilting arms, headrests, backrests, and, even footrests!

The Collins Company is a well trusted brand among both professional barbers and salon owners alike, thanks to its very classy, professional, and durable high-quality salon furniture – such as the BRADFORD Collection.

Collins has also designed various ADD-ON Tilting Shampoo Bowls, patented combination chair and tables, and, Club-Pedicure products which are absolutely 5-star quality, and, sure to bring great pleasure and comfort to your salon!

Collins is also well known for its most luxurious chairs, such as the Collins B40 Full-Featured COBALT Barber Chair Series, which, are each made from durable metal to metal construction, 8 sets of ball-bearing for security and firmness, and, a sealed hydraulic base which is made with an over-sized 10 gauge steel baseplate.

Control & Guarantee

Collins Barber Shop chairs are designed to offer you total control and effectiveness when giving your clients straight edge shaves or haircuts, and, are built with ergonomic design and flexibility in mind. This means, servicing clients of various ages, sizes, and heights is made more simple, allowing you to make more customers happy, and, in turn grow your business. Collins also guarantees all of its product components for 1 YEAR, as well as guarantees all of its electric (BKB) base models, all Foot-Operated Hydraulic Bases, and, even its other dryers, faucets, and anti-fatigue mat products.

A quality product

This manufacturer is truly one that goes above and beyond to protect, as well as ensure the satisfaction of its customers. All of Collins barber chairs are made with quality, premium leather, have very wide or accommodating armrests, a luxurious, soft, cushioned headrest, leg-rests, and either steel or aluminum pumps, steel bases, and, support to ensure long-lasting quality products.

Customers love Collins Barber Chairs because they are durable, reliable, efficient, and, really give your barber shop or salon the classiest look possible. And, while coming in at a premium price, for those that are unsure about how much they should invest, considering the benefits and unmatchable guarantees included with all of Collins Barber Chairs, or, even the Collins P148 Economical Barber Pole with Light, it should become evident that dealing with this manufacturer is the best long-term investment.

Style & Design

Going for that “classic” look that all of Collins barber shop chairs and furniture has, allows you as the customer to experience all of the benefits of modern design and technology (electric, hydraulic pumps, metal-to-metal frame-build), combined with a classic look that’s just simply unmatched! Collins also uses beautiful, hand-carved wooden oak for its armrests, and, even designed its own patented Bradford-Styled Shoe Shine Stands! So, as you can see, Collins truly does it all.

So, if you’re for the best place to find Collins barber chairs, visiting their direct site is a great place to start. And, if you need parts replacement for authentic Collins barber chair furniture, Amazon can also be a very helpful tool!

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