Takara Belmont was originally founded in 1921, and, began manufacturing its barber chairs as early as 1931 under the model name Koken Manufacturing CO. INC. USA. Takara Belmont was also responsible for mass manufacturing of hairdressing and beauty related products as well during this period – including equipment, and, even shampoo processors.

The Belmont brand has been around and trusted as far back as the early 1900’s, and, has grown to be a household trusted name for its top of the line beauty furniture. From barber chairs, bathtubs, and shampoo sinks, to hair-dryer machines, bureaus, and, more – Belmont covers it all!

Around the 1950’s, Belmont developed its first hydraulic chair, and, by the late 1900’s had already established several international manufacturing plants and the global market, as well as service centers and sales establishments.

The Belmont barber chair is a trusted, well sought-after product because customers know Belmont manufacturers top quality, elegant, and, yet cost effective barber chairs for consumers.

The Takara Belmont Company has been extremely successful, and, is the leading trusted brand among barber shops since the 1960’s, and, is best known for its three main barber chair product lines, the Elegance, Crea II, and, the Regalo II.

The Elegance model product line is perfect for those that have ‘retro’ shops or are looking for that sort of style, while, the Crea II is ideal for modern-era salon shops or a more traditional theme.

Lastly, the Regalo II is a marketed product line for high-end clients, and, reserved for only the classiest of shops and barber shop owners willing to shell out the extra funds for such quality, precision, and satisfying comfort in their barber chairs.

All Takara Belmont chairs purchased today come with an automatic, all-inclusive 6-month warranty protection. Also, Takara Belmont allows its customers to purchase additional 6-18 month warranties for just $25 to $65.

Takara Belmont is also a trusted, leading manufacturer of dental chairs, such as, the sophisticated, Quolis® Q- 5000 Q-5000 (http://dental.takarabelmont.com/chairs/Q-5000) which includes a patented Belmont electro-hydraulic operating system, an articulating dual axis headrest, and more.

There are currently several, very popular, brand new Takara Belmont Barber Chairs available on today’s market, such as, the Elegance, Koken Legacy chair, and the Lancer. These Belmont chairs are perfect for any barber shop or salon, as they’re made with long-lasting Cast aluminum body, a towel bar, and a clipper hook – which will really give it that “old school” look. It also includes a hydraulic base, and, optional headrest which can add customized comfort and convenience for your work and clients.

The Lancer, on the other hand, is a popular look as it’s very robust, has wide arm rests for total comfort, includes a vertical-lift pump, and synchronous recline system. And, with this level of engineering and upholstery, your customers are sure to thank you, and, spread the word. These Belmont barber chairs are truly top of the line, and, considering their prices are a noteworthy investment.

The Takara Belmont 225 Elite Barber Chair on Amazon is also definitely worth checking out, uses the same wave spring (S-shaped spring) as luxury sofas, is great for lower back support, and, perfect for maintaining posture when reclined. The 225 Elite Barber Chair is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable, competitive barber chairs you can get your hands on – and is made with an iron cast body and base.

Another brilliantly designed Belmont barber shop chair is the Takara Belmont 825 Elegance Electric Barber Chair which also can be found on Amazon. This is the ultimate combination of retro style, comfort, and control for you and your customers.

With an optional headrest you’re really given the ability to customize how you service your clients, and, will find this especially helpful if you need to adjust their position during straight razor shaves. A motorized hydraulic base, with this retro-look, is truly hard to match in today’s market of online barber chairs for sale.

Finally, unmatched in design and total comfort, including a leg rest, foot rest, arm rests, neck rest, and more, the Takara Belmont BB-0090 Koken Legacy Barber Chair is the ultimate solution for style, class, and comfort. This Belmont Takara (Koken) is definitely a head turner, is made with modern technology in durability and design, and, with a kick over footrest and headrest holder you’re given total control to maximize comfort for both you and your clients. This Belmont barber chair also includes a reclining backrest and synchronized leg rest – with an easy to reach reclining handle, towel holder, and more!

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