Kitting out a barber shop is easier said than done. When you design the look of your barbershop, the idea is to ensure that you build an environment that people will want to come into. You want them to feel welcome. You want them to feel comfortable. At the same time, you will want to ensure that the equipment you choose for your barbershop will be ‘useful’. There is no sense having the most comfortable barbershop chair in the world only for it to not really be ‘fit for purpose’ when it comes to adjusting it etc.

This is a guide to some of the barber furniture that you will need to purchase, as well as a bit of information about some other barber shop equipment that will come in useful. We are not here to tell you how to decorate the place. The design of the area is completely up to you. Instead, we are here to tell you what is going to come in useful.

Furniture Check List:

  • Barbers Waiting Chairs
  • Barber Shop Chairs
  • Salon & Barbers Mirror
  • Lighting
  • Essential Cutting & Styling Equipment
  • Barbers Pole

Waiting Area Chairs

We are hoping that your business is going to be wildly successful. This means that you will have people waiting for you to work on them. They need somewhere to sit. Invest in some comfortable furniture here. Have a good table in place too. You are not going to be spending most of your budget on this furniture, but it is still nice to have something ‘good’ in place.

The Barbers Chair

Next up on our barber shop equipment list is arguably one of the most important pieces of gear that you can purchase. This is the good old barber chair. It needs to meet two criteria:

  • It needs to be comfortable.
  • It needs to be functional.

With a barber chair, you need to be able to adjust it quickly and easily to work with your customers. Ideally, you will purchase a quality barber chair with has hydraulics built into it. It will ensure quick, smooth adjustment which is just what you want in a fast-paced barber shop.

In addition to this, you will want to ensure that the build quality of the barber chair is sublime. You are going to be really putting it through its paces and you really do not want to have it break on you when you are working with a client. We can’t imagine that this is going to give off the best impression.

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Salon & Barbers Mirrors

You need a quality mirror. It should be crystal clear so your client can see exactly how you are working with their hair at all times. It is wise to invest in some decent mirrors. If you go cheap, then they tend to have a few imperfections which will not look good for your barbershop.

Don’t forget; you will also want to have some smaller mirrors so you can show the customer the back of their head when you are done!

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This will go hand-in-hand with your mirrors. You need quality lights to ensure that not only can you see what you are doing, but so that your customer can see what you are doing too.

One of the reasons why lights are so important is because they can change up the way the hair looks. If you have ever been in a public bathroom, then you will probably notice that you look abysmal in the mirrors as they tend to use fluorescent lighting. Do not get that type of lighting for your barbershop. Your customers will not like it!

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Other Essentials

It is all well and good having that equipment in place, but you also need some gear to do your job. We are not going to preach to you about which bits and pieces are best for you. You probably have your own preferred clippers and scissors. However, make sure that you do invest in these too. Invest in some way in which you can sharpen them too (learn how to sharpen if you do not know how to do so, makes everything so much easier!)

On top of this, you need some gowns, combs etc.

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