The Koken brand, originally founded by Earnest Koken, is world renowned and recognized for creating the first successful, patented hydraulic lift barber chair. Originally from Germany, after moving to the United States, Ernest Koken gained serious popularity and success with his Koken Barber’s Supply manufacturing brand.

Purchased in the late 1950’s by the Takara Belmont Company, Koken barber chairs for sale today still remain some of the most quality, antique style, classy, and sophisticated vintage barber chairs available on the market.

Koken & Takara Belmont Barber Chair Development

A product of the fusion between Koken and the Belmont Company, the Legacy Koken Barber Chair is the perfect example of a beautifully restored, antique barber’s chair with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to love. From the leather cushion, to the back-rest, neck-rest, and even head-rest, a leather footrest – and more – this luxurious craftsmanship is a sight to be seen.

With handcrafted wood, a brilliant chrome finish, and adjustable headrest, you can see from this beautiful antique Koken barber chair for sale on eBay, from the 1800’s, why the demand for these one of a kind chairs is so prevalent today for barber shop and salon owners.

Koken – Reclining Barber Chairs Innovator

The Koken (now Tekara Belmont Company) brand is also recognized and most popular today because it was responsible for the first, original patents for reclining barber chairs for sale back in 1881, chairs that revolved in 1885, and, the first reclining barber chairs. These nearly laid completely flat for barbers so that clients could receive safe, comfortable, hot shaves or other work – and Koken was even responsible for the first hydraulic lift chair (pedal style) back in 1892.

Vintage Chairs, at a cost.

The average price for original Koken barber chairs seem to fall around $1000-$3000, depending on condition, whether or not it’s been restored, functionality, and, era. Some, could be much cheaper, depending on the seller and where you buy – such as EBay for example, or other major retailers and reseller websites – including Amazon for Koken barber chair parts for sale.

For example, you could get your hands on this beautiful, restored Vintage 1910’s KOKEN Barber Chair for about $1,400.00, all original and with few to no cracks, and, made right out of St. Louis. Other Koken barber chair models, and, Koken barber chair parts frequently become available for sale on sites like Amazon, EBay, and, even Craigslist – including restoration services!

For a little over several hundred dollars – minus the headrest – you could also get your hands on this Koken Barber Chair for about $1,200.

Finally, once and a while, a beautiful, RARE gem, such as this FULLY RESTORED 1930’S KOKEN BARBER CHAIR may become available – and is sure to blow you out of your seat! (No pun intended) The character alone of this Koken barber’s chair pays for itself, and, is truly an antique, original design and luxury that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Really, there’s no way to put a value on it, but, this original, fully-restored Koken antique barber chair will run you about $6,000 – and is in LIKE-NEW Condition.

To see more, and, appreciate why Koken antique barber chairs are so beautiful, unique, and in-demand, you can see this tufted black leather, all original (re-polished) walnut frame and re-polished chrome trim antique Koken barber chair here.

Finally, another, very popular, classic look is the Round Seat, Round Back Koken Barber Chair, which can be found here, for about $2,300.

3 Replies to “Koken Barber Chairs – A look at Vintage Antique Chairs

  1. I have a solid oak Koken Hydraulic Congress w 4 mission oak legs. Side Oak has embossed design. Plate on back of chair says “Congress One Lever” Patent Oct 30, 1900. Metal is old and paint has rubbed off. Beautiful fancy Metal Footrest Casting showing Koken Barber Supply, St Louis USA. I notice the hydraulic arm doesn’t work. That arm did work for me 40 years ago. Chair seat, armrest and headrest are old black leather. I might be ready to sell. What’s it worth?

  2. I have a koken president chair I need to know what type of oil and what Quantity needs to put to fill it to normal level today I’m assembling two chairs and on one I’m missing information of type of oil and quantity please will you help me on this and I need to send pictures of one of chair caused is missing parts and need to order but if you can help me on a picture of complete one alike mine to see what’s mine missing of parts please help me on that

  3. I have just acquired a Koken Physicians Chair. Cant find any information about it. Can anyone help?

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