Discount barber chairs can save your business tons of money over the cost of top-of-the-line chairs. Sure, with high priced professional barber chairs, YOU ARE getting the best chairs money can buy, but making small sacrifices in chair quality actually pays off.   Here’s a quick example :

A new salon, which recently  acquired an old barber shop building that went out of business, is now rebuilding the inside to prepare for their Grand Opening.  Super high priced chairs aren’t in their budget, so discount chairs for the inside make the most sense.

But the big question is : Do I have to spend a lot on a barber chair to get a lot? The answer is NO! Discount barber chairs, which are designed to jump start new businesses, provide nearly the same quality salon experience as the high priced competition. There’s actually very few noticeable differences.

Discount Barber Chairs – Cost VS Quality Comparison

The Belvedere Admiral, which is made by one of the highest quality chair manufacturers in the world, costs a whopping $2,000. But you can still get a high quality salon experience from chairs that cost only $250-$500. They may not feel EXACTLY as good as sitting in a Belvedere or Belmont, but you’ll still be getting a top-notch experience at a great price. And with chairs this cheap, you can easily offer your salon services at a cheaper rate to acquire more customers.

  1. Best Salon Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cheap Barber Chair

Consumer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Based on Barber Shop feedback, this is the chair to line the inside of salons and barber shops. It provides the perfect combination of all the features that make a barber chair great. The amount of padding is just right, and it’s built strong to last. Many barbers and salon stylists have owned and used this chair and had great results!

Heavy Duty Steel Frame – Steel is what you want in a chair if you want long term durability. Steel has a great track record of holding up to everyday use, and won’t bend or break easily.

Chrome Round Base – Chrome is one of the easiest and best finishes to work with when it comes to maintaining a hygienic environment. With just a few quick wipes it shines like new again.

Professional Grade Hydraulic Pump – People come in many different heights and sizes that need haircuts, and that’s why a hydraulic pump like this one is a great include.

Double Reinforced Stitching – Chair fabric padding can wear out quite quickly if it’s not properly stitched and reinforced. There’s no use paying retail price for a barber chair if you’ll have to have the fabric repaired soon after.

High Density Foam Padding – The foam padding included in this chair is the perfect size to not be overwhelming to the salon customer. It’s designed to provide all day performance, and do so with a gloss finish that doesn’t allow the chair to become “soiled”. Clean up is a snap, and takes only seconds.

1 Year Warranty – The included warranty is your way of ensuring that you don’t have to pay for the chair if it’s damaged during shipping. Simply call the manufacturer or Amazon to get a full refund if it breaks within the first year.

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  1. Trendy Hydraulic Modern Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty – ds-sc8001-black

Consumer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Simplicity meets functionality in this Trendy hydraulic brand barber chair. Although it isn’t equipped with a deluxe footrest, the one that’s provided does do an adequate job of supporting the feet. Keep in mind that deluxe salons designed to cater to wealthy individuals may not be happy with the ultra-simple design.

But check out the feature set below, and see if this chair is something your barber shop / salon can make use of. The quality is there, and it’s great for people who know how to “make more with less”.

360 Degree Swivel – Most all barber chairs in the marketplace come with 360 degree seat swiveling . This chair is no different. Once finished with styling, your salon customers can simply spin the chair around with a push of their feet.

Generous Seat Dimensions – The 20” Length and 19” Depth  provide a suitable fit for all designs of body stature.

High Quality Chrome Base – The high quality chrome base provides all day, non-stick performance that resists grime and gunk buildup 100%. Chrome makes the cleanup process a snap!

Hydraulic Pump – Hydraulic pumps allow salon stylists to increase the height gently, and without any harsh “jostling around”. And when the styling session is over, releasing the height back to ground level is accomplished with just the press of the pedal.

Adjustable Height – The 6 inches of adjustable height clearance ensures that both tall and short people can be adjusted to the perfect height level. Stylists can adjust their clients anywhere from 19 ½” to 25 ½”.

High Density Foam Padding – The seat padding on this chair is made from same material as more expensive chairs, but this chair costs only a fraction of the price!

Double Reinforced Saddle – Chair manufacturers know the importance of stitching quality, and so should you. Because the stitching is double reinforced, there’s very little chance of the fabric coming loose at the seams.

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  1. Best Salon Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair

Consumer Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Premium Chrome Base – Wipe downs of the chrome on this chair when it’s time to clean up is easy. The great thing about chrome is that it is naturally resistant to stuck on build-up and grime.

20” Long X 19” Wide Seat – The generous space provided allows both small and large frame people to get the salon attention they deserve. And you can count on the seat to provide you with many years of trouble free use, and without the fabric wearing out on you!

150 Degree Reclining Ability – The reclining ability allows you to not only sit straight up for haircuts and stylings, but also tilt back for shampooing sessions. Remember, the more you can get done with your barber chair the better.

4” Seating Pad – 4” of seat padding provides plenty of comfort so your customers can spend as much time as they need in the chair (even hours) to get their favorite hair styles accomplished.

Mini-DVD Chair Installation Video – The small DVD included with this chair shows you exactly how to put it together, step-by-step. So forget about guesswork and frustration, BestSalon makes it easy!

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  1. eMark Budget Barbers Chair with Tilting Shampoo Station

Consumer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Many barbers aim to offer a deluxe experience that targets each area of hair care individually. Such as a separate station for shampooing, a separate station for styling, a separate station for haircuts, etc.

This backwash shampoo tilt bowl by eMarkBeauty  can meet your demand for individual stations dedicated to single purposes. If you’re aiming to offer your customers the best of the best, this is an item worth considering.

 Wall Mounted Shampoo Bowl – The shampoo bowl setup comes with a handy wall mount so you never have to worry about customers accidentally knocking it over or

Adjustable Shampoo Chair – Being courteous to the wide range of heights and body sizes your customers have is priority #1. Being able to adjust the chair gives your customers another reason to come back.

Faucet, Vacuum Breaker, Hair Trap – For rinsing, the included faucet hooks right up to your building or home water supply line. You also get a professional grade vacuum breaker and hair trap to make clean up a snap.

Gel Neck Rest w/Suction, Spray Hose, Drain – As you can see, this BestSalon Shampoo bowl is actually a complete set. The gel neck rest is an improvement over earlier designs that used solid resin material. The days of “neck cramping” are over. The spray hose allows you to thoroughly rinse your clients hair, and the drain hooks up to any type of reservoir you want.

Scratch Resistant ABS Plastic – This shampoo bowl, sink set, and chair features tough, scratch resistant plastic that stands up to abuse very well. You’ll find it difficult to cause damage to it with everyday normal salon use.

ASSE/CSA/UPC Compliant – This product is compliant with the standards set forth by The American Society Of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE), and Cosmetology and Spa Academy (CSA). You can have faith in the quality of this product 100 %.

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  1. Simple Budget Black Hydraulic Barber Chair

Consumer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

As you may have noticed, the salon / barber industry is full of chairs that lack ergonomics. The “all business” chair design of years past has recently been softened by a wave of new and ergonomically friendly chairs like this one.

And the price can’t be beat. It’s one of the most affordable, attractive, and able options you can get. We rated this chair the highest in our 5 chair review because we believe it provides the best value and performance for the money.

Premium Chrome Base With Stainless Steel Trim – Ergonomic comfort isn’t all this chair has to offer. You’ll also notice the base features attractive chrome with stainless steel trim. They accent each other quite well.

Adjustable Seat Height – Height adjustment ranges from 14” to 18” respectively.

Overall Dimensions – The overall dimensions of this chair measure 24” L X 24” W X 24” H.

Seat Dimensions – The dimensions of the seat measure 19” X 19.5”. You’ll noticed that when compared to other chairs, it provides right about the same amount of seat space.

Back Dimensions – The 16.5” X 19” back is about the exact same as most other chairs in the marketplace.

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Cheap Barber Chair FAQ – Things You Should Know

When shopping for barber chairs, you may be able to purchase the chairs online for cheaper, but testing different chair models out yourself can make a big difference. You want your salon / barber shop customers to be completely comfortable, so to achieve this, sitting in the chairs yourself to test them out makes perfect sense. Knowing for sure that the barber chair you’re considering is comfortable is better than being left clueless about the quality.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should at least be able to recoup the cost of your original barber chair investment, as well as a make a nice profit before needing to replace or repair the chairs at all.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common barber chair designs currently available :

  • All-Purpose Barber Chairs – All-purpose chairs allow you to not only conduct haircuts and styling, but can easily be swapped out into other shops for other purposes, such as dentistry and tattooing. And because all purpose chairs are designed to be interchangeable within different professions, you’ll notice that they’r e quite comfortable to sit in for long periods. Most all-purpose chairs provide full adjustments for different heights and angles.
  • Antique Barber Chairs – Antique chairs definitely have an intrinsic value with customers. They have a classic look and feel that many people favor over modern designs that use synthetic materials.  
  • Traditional Barber Chairs – These chairs adhere to the classic design of barber chairs, which feature hydraulic lifts, footrests, and headrests. Although not antiques, they have the same features in common with antique barber chair designs.
  • European Barber Chairs – These barber chairs differ slightly in their design, featuring heavy wooden arms, as opposed to the much lighter arm designs of American chairs.

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