Belvedere Means Quality

Belvedere barber chairs have been a hallmark of quality with barbers across the country since 1927. Nearly every barber out there has heard of Belvedere, and many use this brand of chair today. It all started in 1927 with just 10 employees and a giant dream of creating a new style of shampoo sink with a “neck dip” for comfort! Previous designs put too much strain on the neck, so this new “neck dip” allowed for new and amazing hair styles that weren’t possible before.

From 1927 on, Belvedere grew their reputation to be the single largest salon and furnishings manufacturer in all of North America. And with 300,000 square feet of manufacturing facility floor space, they’ve been able to revolutionize the design of salon equipment, improve comfort ergonomics, and bring hair styling and hygiene to a whole new level.

Check Out A Few Modern Day Belvedere Chairs And Their Features

Admiral Barber Chair –

The Admiral Barber Chair puts a new spin on a classic design. The Admiral features a synchronized footrest that raises when the back is reclined, calf support pad, aluminum footrest, U-Shaped pump pedal, protective caps, and more.

Although the list price on these chairs are higher than the average home consumer can afford, they’re designed to function as part of a real life hair salon. Most barbers and salons can easily recoup the cost of owning one within a few months of the original purchase.

Seville Barber Chair –

Smaller and more ergonomically shaped than the Admiral, the Seville barber chair allows salon and barber shop owners to provide an alternative comfort option. With more than one type of barber chair installed in the salon, customers have their choice of seating based on their comfort preference. It features black urethane arms, locking back release, hydraulic base, and aluminum footrest. You can opt to purchase the “Chrome” Seville chair as an alternative to black.

Belvedere Commitment To Quality

If for any reason you receive a Belvedere chair that’s damaged or defective, they’ll replace it or refund your money, no questions asked. Belvedere stands behind the quality of their craftsmanship 100%, and want you to remain a customer for life.

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