Barber chairs are an integral part of any barber shop or salon. But, given the various types of barber chairs, it’s important to understand why a product like an electric barber chair may be more valuable to you and your business as opposed to a hydraulic, or heavy-duty barber chair. In actuality, you will find that many (especially modern) barber chairs will serve a dual-purpose and may very well be made with multiple technologies – or simply include all of the above.


Heavy Duty

A heavy duty barber chair, for example, is perfect for regular use and those that may be willing to invest a little more money, while also getting a greater return on their money in the long run for frequent, heavier use. However, again at a greater cost, this should be specifically invested by those that frequently server larger clients.

For example, the Dir Barber Chair Belgrano is a perfect illustration of how sophisticated, strong, flexible, and long-lasting heavy duty barber chairs can be. They make it so your clients are comfortable, and, the chair is designed to hold up to increased weight without becoming unstable, or making awkward and embarrassing sounds. This type, then, will also help protect your client from accidental cuts during shaving, or an otherwise uncomfortable experience.

Heavy duty barber chairs are typically made from higher grade materials, such as reinforced steel, foam, leather or vinyl, and typically have a better warranty program in comparison to the average, or “light weight” barber chair that will typically have a load capacity maximum of 250lbs or less. A heavy-duty barber chair can also be more meaningful if you want to adjust someone’s angle for washing their hair or shaving with more confidence, and safety – regardless of size.


However, an electric, heavy-duty barber chair can also be very practical, as it will offer more control. In many cases, an electric barber chair will also allow you to adjust the headrest, up to 7” or more which is great for close-shaving, while also keeping you, the barber, comfortable.

Investing in an electric barber chair allows you to utilize enhanced angling and position features, ideal for eyelash extensions, such as adjusting the vertical up/down mobility, as well as controlling the reclining mechanism with ease for maximum precision while cutting hair or shaving. Also, using an electric barber chair can mean personalizing how you raise or lower a leg-rest, while keeping the footrest stationary at the same time. Perhaps, in some cases an electric barber’s chair is especially practical if you frequently give haircuts to children, as the added customization and comfort can help make them feel more relaxed, and allow you to get the job done more quickly – but safely.


A reclining barber chair, however, can be equally beneficial if you’re looking to maximize comfort for your clients. Most reclining chairs, much like the swivel or 360 degree barber chairs also have locking mechanisms to prevent continuous spinning, or unwanted and unnecessary movement during shaving or cutting. As you’ll find with more premium, and advanced functionality reclining barber chairs, the various parts such as footrest, leg-rest, back, and head-rest can often be adjusted to shift to multiple angles, really resembling a dentist chair in comparison – which reflects the original history of old school reclining barber chairs and their precision design.


Hydraulic barber chairs make your job easier, create added protection, safety, and make it more convenient to reposition your client, offer them customized comfort, and be more precise with salon services may it be shaving or haircuts, shampooing, or a hot shave. Hydraulic barber chairs are popular among barbers because they make it easier to adjust the height, and not have to strain their backs while giving a haircut or shave.


With a 360-swivel design and heavy duty steel frame, a hydraulic barber’s chair can also add extra comfort, flexibility, and is more frequently made from premium grade materials such as stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum. Hydraulic barber chairs also often include a footrest, as well as a backrest that can be lowered to a reclining position for ease during shaving or cutting hair on a client that may be too tall for the normal angles or positions.

Ultimately, the best type of barber chair for you, should come down to the types of clients you serve, services you offer, and flexibility you seek in each of your barber chairs.


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