Old Antique Barber’s Chairs can be a very meaningful, profitable, and creative solution to any barber shop or salon. Old school barber chair’s are elegant, multi-functional, come in various designs, textures, and have a certain feel about them that most modern barber chairs today cannot offer.


Dating back as early as the 1800’s, most antique barber chairs were actually made out of wood, porcelain, and stainless steel – and included very beautiful hand-made designs. These old school barber chairs were also made of premium grade plush, and extremely comfortable upholstery.

But, know that when we say wood, we mean extremely durable, beautiful, premium grade wood, such as Mahogany, Cherry, or Oak – and others were even made from Walnut or Birdseye Maple. Many chairs during this era, now occasionally found on the market today listed as “Victorian Era” barber chairs.

While some of the first, original barber chair manufacturers like Eugene Berninghaus paved the way for barber shop chairs, one of the most influential and successful barber chair and salon manufacturers today remains the Koken Manufacturing Company.


Koken antique barber chairs are considered to be one of the most “classic” style barber chairs today that you can buy. Koken was also responsible for the first patent for reclining barber chairs for shaving as early as 1881. They also invented some of the first fully revolving, and reclining barber chairs. In 1892, they also invested the first pedal style hydraulic lift chair. Each of these advancements and qualities of old school barber chairs also allowed a closer, more precise cut for both cutting hair and giving straight razor shaves.

These design traits are each very important additions to the design of barber shop chairs, as they provide new ways of meeting the needs of each individual client, regardless of height, weight, or the work that was to be done. In fact, in many instances barber chairs were also used by barbers to pull teeth, surgical procedures on wounds, and bloodletting up until the late 1700’s.

You can still find classic, durable, and fully reclining backrest Koken Barber Chairs, such as the “Legacy”, on websites like Amazon or Ebay.


The Takara Belmont BB-0090 Koken Legacy Barber Chair is another beautiful example of this, and you’ll find that this level of craftsmanship and functionality, such as the headrest holder, a towel holder, and a high quality, durable frame backrest are both rare and uncommon in most modern barber shop chairs today.

Other popular styles of antique barber chairs are more well-known names in the industry, such as Theodore H. Koch, Hanson, and Gibbs. These brands specialized in a more ‘premium design’, were larger than most household chairs today, and included the best guarantees.

Theodore H. Koch

You will also find with antique barber chairs, such as those made by manufacturers like Theodore H. Koch (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Theo-a-Kochs-Barber-Chair-Antique-/162509655641?hash=item25d6548e59:g:J8wAAOSw3v5Ypt~k), that premium leather design and reinforced steel ensured greater durability and stability in comparison to most common barber shop chairs today. And, that they offer more consistent, and reliable reclining or adjustable features which make it easier to raise or lower your client.

If you often find yourself giving close, hot razor and straight edge razor shaves to your clients, then consider another well-known and reputed brand, such as Belmont. You can even still find antique Belmont barber chairs for sale today on Amazon. And, are sure to be impressed with both the design and advanced functionality for adjusting the height, as well as full recline for closer shaves.

Because these vintage barber shop chairs were often made with a porcelain base and armrests, they’re also some of the most aesthetically pleasing old fashioned barber shop chairs for sale. Antique barber chairs are truly a sight to be seen, an item that will be an extraordinary conversation piece, and be sure to keep your customers coming back.

Other Kokens were also made using full cowhide upholstery, making them some of the classiest, most in-demand antique barber chairs available on the market.

Should you decide to go with a barber’s chair made by one of these prestigious, well reputed brands, such as Hanson, getting your hands on one of these allows you to enjoy an extremely classy, unique, nickel-plated antique barber chair that is sure to separate your shop or salon from the rest.

Quality Vintage Barber Chairs

The Hanson barber chair also has a full leather seat and cushions, is plushy, which means extremely comfortable, and has porcelain arms and headrest, touting very prestigious craftsmanship. Combining these features and qualities, making this one of the best classic barber chairs and companies to go with.

Each of these antique barber chairs have a certain level of distinction and personality about them, that you’re sure to find irresistibility unique and make any of these a must-have addition if you’re really looking to give your barber shop or salon that “retro” look.

Antique barber chairs all have in common the strong focus of ensuring that your clients are comfortable from head to toe, and most include either a footrest, as well as a head or neck rest- to ensure total comfort and control.

If you’re interested in antique barber chair reproductions, another chair worth checking out is the Yosemite Home Decor YFUR-HP221060. This is definitely a vintage barber’s chair, and it’s evident that the design influence is likely from some of the most successful, original barber chairs manufacturing companies, such as the Eugene Berninghaus Company, or Koken.

These old school barber chair manufacturers are trusted by barber shop and salon owners alike because they produce some of the classiest, taller barber shop chairs, and also include the most meaningful, and well-reputed warranties. They really do stand behind their product, so, while a little more on the premium end in pricing, comparably, they do offer a lot more to those that invest in them, and they easily last decades or more with regular use. They are built from quality materials that many modern, or similar companies try to, but, simply cannot pull off.

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