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We have been in the market long enough to know what it takes to find, use, and upgrade to the most modern hair and salon products, furniture, and more. You can count on us because we know quality, unique products, and what it takes to really gain the attention and satisfaction of your customers.

So, whether it’s an early 1900’s Belvedere, a Theo A. Kochs, or a Koren, we know what the best products are, and where to find them for the best prices. European or American style, we’ll help you find whatever you need. Vintage and modern chairs alike, we do it all!

When it comes to antique barber chairs, the variations of style, models, reproductions, and brands we know that quality means everything, and that money invested is meant to generate a return. We also have extensive knowledge and experience with various types or barber chairs, from electric to reclining, hydraulic, and even heavy duty.

Depending on the type of salon or barber shop business you have, purpose, and overall marketing strategy the chances are that a perfect combination of styling stations, barber chairs, or vintage style barber chairs are just what you need to stand out from the competition!

Our reviews on these various products, all within the salon and barber shop business and market are custom-tailored (no pun intended) to really put you in the right direction for getting the most out of your money. We will line you up with a product that’s really going to drive up business, and be something that’s both easy on the eyes and appealing.

Even outside of classic barber chairs and styling station types, there are many other useful pieces of retro furniture and interior design that are sure to make your business worthwhile for your customers, and an experience they’ll never forget! So count on us, and take your time looking through our pages to find the best products for you and your business.